Welcome to Jarrahdale Heating Midvale

Jarrahdale Heating Midvale is your local wood heating experts, offering the complete range of Jarrahdale Solid Fuel Wood Heaters at factory direct prices, including supply. The showroom, located at Unit 8, 14 Farrell Rd in Midvale, boasts a large display of Jarrahdale Wood Heaters including convection and radiant models, both freestanding and built-in.

At the helm of Jarrahdale Heating Midvale are your local heating experts, David and Leesa and their son Travis, who collectively offer over 30 years industry expertise. Through their experiences, the Wharepouri family  have witnessed first-hand, the rising cost of home heating and believe that wood heaters offer high efficiency with lower costs.

“Over the past 10 years, we have personally seen the rising cost of home heating, whether it be the initial outlay for the heater or electricity costs. Wood heaters offer a unique form of heating as they are excellent value for money and provide better warmth through long-lasting, permeating heat.

Jarrahdale wood heaters are made right here in WA to strict Australian Standards and are constructed using heavy-duty, all solid-steel. Every heater includes an Advanced-burn Firebox for excellent heat output with lower emissions and comes with the backing of a 10-year, manufacturer direct warranty for your peace-of-mind.

David, Leesa and the team at Jarrahdale Heating Midvale are passionate about customer service. They are readily available in-store and online to assist you with any enquiries you may have regarding your home heating needs. If you have any questions please visit us at Jarrahdale Heating Midvale, or contact us today.


Lower cost to purchase and run
Naturally renewable energy source
Permeating, long-lasting heat
Lower emissions
Clean burn




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