At Jarrahdale Heating Midvale, we have a wide range of functional and practical fireplace accessories and hearth available that can complement your new wood heater. Some of the accessories we can provide for customers in Perth include floor hearth, drop box, tool sets and more. Browse our range of fireplace accessories below.

Flue Mesh

Flue mesh adds a decorative element to your heater’s flue. It also serves as an important heat shield for homes where there may be a wall against the heater will be placed is deemed combustible. This stainless-steel mesh is designed to fit over the top of the flue. The mesh is available in all four heater colours, ensuring a perfect match with your Jarrahdale wood heater.


Is your ceiling raked or made of combustible materials? If so, a drop box is required to protect the ceiling from heat and make sure that your flue fits precisely. Our team at Jarrahdale Heating Midvale can custom manufacture a drop-box to suit your exact ceiling angle, matching the colour of your wood heater.


If you are installing your Jarrahdale wood heater on a timber or carpet floor, hearth is required for heat protection. We offer an attractive, solid floor hearth that comes finished with natural stone tiles and a deep timber frame. There are various tile colours and arrangements available that are designed to suit the personal style of your wood heater and home.

Fireplace Tool Set

At Jarrahdale Heating Midvale, our premium quality fireplace tool set is essential to safely operate and maintain your wood heater. This set features four handy tools made from black, solid-cast iron, each tool coming with a decorative silver handle and a sturdy base to hold and store the tools next to your fireplace. Tools that feature in this set include a shovel and brush for removal of cinders and ashes, a poker and a set of long-armed tongs for safe movement of logs once they are alight in the firebox.

Hot Water Coil

Turn your Jarrahdale wood heater into a low-cost water heater with the addition of a hot water coil. Our team at Jarrahdale Heating Midvale can custom fit a low-pressure hot water coil to the back of our Innovator freestanding wood heater. This can be arranged while the heater is under construction to ensure the firebox remains air tight. With the hot water coil, you’ll stay warm and cosy this winter while heating your water with the same energy supply.

Wood Storage Box with Fire Tools

Compliment your new Jarrahdale wood heater with our matching wood storage box and cool set combo. This box is fantastic for wood storage with the added bonus of having a brush, shovel, poker and tongs (as per the fire box tools accessory).


The Jarrahdale Heating wood heaters available at Jarrahdale Heating Midvale are made from solid mild steel. The heaters are painted in one of four stylish colours, each with a satin matt finish, to suit the personal style of your home.





Every Jarrahdale Wood Heater is complete with heat-treated, gloss-black Bakelite handles and knobs. Our premium convection models feature our signature lacquered Mallee Root Timber air-slide, located directly below the door, to bring an added touch of Australiana to your home.


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Lower cost to purchase and run
Naturally renewable energy source
Permeating, long-lasting heat
Lower emissions
Clean burn



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